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Your personal meditation assistant

Meditation Can Put You to Sleep, Finally

Not sleeping is rough. Not sleeping well for days on end is even worse. Your mind is foggy, and something simple like walking down a hall feels like wading through quicksand. Some coffee, a sugary donut, and you perk back up again just in time for work. But by the afternoon your lack of rest is making its presence known. Headaches, uncontrollable yawning. You are lucky to make it to the end of the day. Then, that night, your head hits the pillow hard, but your eyes spring open.

Your mind races, replaying the events of the day. You do everything but sleep. And the cycle begins again. If this is you, you have a problem. It might be time to try meditation.

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Meditation Can Help You Sleep

Sure, there are other cures like prescription drugs that put you out for the night and often part of the next day as well. Then there are natural remedies that may help calm you, but the results are inconsistent. What you need is long-term reliable help with no negative side effects. Something that not only helps you sleep but improves your mental state, overall performance and your general health. What you might need is meditation. Specifically, a focused attention and mindfulness meditation program.

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Establishing Mindfulness to Quiet the Mind

The goal of mindfulness is the acceptance of negative physical and mental states. Once you attach limited importance to these distractions, you are left only with the reality of the present. It is a simple concept but can be challenging to accomplish. But what does this have to do with sleep? Well, if you think about what causes lack of sleep it all starts to make sense. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress is a leading cause of sleep deficit. It is hard to sleep when your mind is preoccupied, worried about family, finances, health or whatever is circulating endlessly through your mind.

Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse

Muse: the brain sensing headband.

  • Get a better brain in as little as 3 minutes a dayExperience the benefits of meditation—with none of the uncertainty—in as little as 3 minutes a day
  • Single headband can be paired with multiple devicesSingle headband can be paired with multiple devices
  • Real-time audio and visual feedback helps you trainTracks individual and all sessions, calm percentage score, points, milestones and challenges
  • Data views help you track your progress over timeData views help you track your progress over time
  • 7 sensors and 5 hours of continuous battery life7 sensors and 5 hours of continuous battery life
  • MicroUSB port (cable included) and LED indicatorMicroUSB port (cable included) and LED indicator

Your Muse box includes 1 Muse headband, 1 MicroUSB cable & your Getting Started Guide.

(The Muse app is available free. Visit choosemuse.com/download on your mobile device to download.)

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BATTERY LIFE Maximum 10 hours (rechargeable Li-Ion)
MATERIALS Silver (frontal electrodes),Conductive silicone - rubber (temporal electrodes)
Minimum head circumference52cm
Maximum head circumference60cm

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  • 1-year product warranty